What traits do you need to become an excellent teacher?

When I was in teacher training, there were long and intimidating descriptions of all the traits a person needed to be a teacher. However, all you really need is

  1. A love of the subject(s) you're teaching
  2. An overwhelming desire and goal to make sure all the students in your classes master the subject you're teaching.
That's it. If you really have #1 and #2, your love of the subject will rub off on the students and you'll be able to acquire new skills and overcome any obstacles to achieve your goal. Whether you're natually dominant or submissive, or animated or quiet has nothing to do with it - your personality type is is totally irrelevant. Everything you need can be learned.

However, if you lack #1 or #2 (i.e. you might naievely believe you could acquire these traits, but really, they're not what makes you tick deep down inside), you won't be able to put in a full-hearted effort. You can't convey a love you don't have and you can't fake caring about every student learning and your classes will lack something fundamental.