Blah, blah - personal message

So far, I've called it as I've seen it as a not so naturally talented teacher. I figure that since half of all new teachers leave the profession within five years, there must be a lot of people like me, so I posted this page so others can learn from my mistakes before they make them themselves. I'm sure I've offended some educators, but, hey, it's the Internet and someone's got to give new teachers the straight goods as they see it.

Please note that my comments about public and private schools are only generalizations. For instance, I've encountered a private school where the parents were very relaxed and undemanding (but then again, one donor was subsidizing most of the tuition costs). I've also seen private schools that were very bureaucratic and public schools that had the practical, non-bureaucratic atmosphere.

Comment 4/13/97 - Huh. Thought my site was an outside viewpoint from the usual univeristy teacher education viewpoints & lingo, but it looks like I've been linked as part of the "establishment". Yikes. Is that a good or a bad sign...