The Job Interview

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Ready for the interview? Find out below.

These are real questions I was asked.
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1. What do you love the most about teaching?

    Seeing the student's eyes light up when they finally understand something
    Getting to take library books out indefinitely
    Finding really disgusting things in the Science lab for the students to clean during detentions
    Revenge - getting to set exams after having to take them for the last 16 years.

2. Tell me what I'd see on a typical day in your classroom.

    Empowered behaviorally-challenged students excercising personal freedom in creative ways
    Students working together in small groups working together to solve open-ended problems
    Kids chatting while I'm at the photocopier trying to run off the today's worksheets
    Students dozing peacefully during a long lecture.

3. Tell me what steps you would take if a student misbehaved in your class.

    I'd try to work it out with them after class, and if that failed, with their parents.
    Give them an individually-tailored endless series of "library assignments".
    Give them a detention while stating "I love giving detentions. What a powertrip".
    My students never misbehave as they all deeply respect me 100% (crack up laughing madly).

4. What would you bring to our school?

    A cup of takeout espresso every morning.
    I love public speaking and Odyssey of the Mind and would enjoy sharing them with students in a club.
    My own paper, pens, and stapler.
    A talent for jamming the photocopier.

5. How do you think a teacher should be evaluated?

    By how often they bring free food for everyone to the staffroom.
    By how well they conform to your particular ideas on educational theory & principles of teaching
    Not at all after the initial probationary period as seniority prevents firing by union rules.
    By how much do the students know about & enjoyed the subject before & after the school year


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